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Traveling with kids is stressful, especially when they are very young. Keeping little minds and hands occupied during car rides and activities can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Camping, in particular, can be an ideal solution, especially with the right strategies. Read on as we explore inexpensive ideas for successful camping adventures with your kids.

Getting Geared Up

If camping isn’t part of your travel and entertainment routine, chances are you need to invest in some gear. At the same time, spending a chunk of your budget on something you aren’t sure will be part of your normal lifestyle doesn’t make sense; instead consider renting your camping gear. It’s a great way to test drive the experience and equipment at the same time.

By the same token, there are some travel-oriented items worth purchasing for your family. For items like suitcases that you will use time and again, investing in quality items ensures everyone’s clothing and other necessities are safely protected from the elements as well as careless airport baggage handlers.

Rolling suitcases can be the best bet for adventurous family travel — those wheels allow you to get through airports and parking lots comfortably, and you can use the handles and straps for more rugged terrain. If you need to invest in a set, shop for your luggage on deals websites like Rakuten, where you can snag savings opportunities and earn cash back on your purchases.

Less Is More

When you’re planning a camping trip, the last thing you want to do is have to haul piles of luggage through the woods or make multiple trips from your vehicle to your campsite or trailhead. Unless you’re renting a spacious RV, make sure you pack as light as possible.

With that in mind, Thrifty Traveler suggests packing versatile clothing that will stand up well to your planned activities. Include a shoe bag to keep dirty shoes from soiling clean clothes, and pack toiletries carefully so they don’t leak onto your other items.

Keep in mind that if you’re roughing it on your adventure, a few special toiletries can be lifesavers. Include some dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, and facial wipes for freshening up the fam, and if you have an infant coming along, pack plastic zipper bags for disposable diapers.

Speaking of diapers, a diaper bag backpack is a must for outdoor adventurers. Organize it carefully before you leave home. Plan enough diapers that you’re covered for one per hour on hikes, and include essentials like a portable changing pad and lightweight blanket for cool trails and evenings around the campfire.

These simple low-cost additions will be useful to moms and dads in any number of outings, from campgrounds to zoos to cinemas.

Getting There Is Half the Fun

Whether it’s long trips in the car or lengthy interims at airports, entertainment is a must when small children are involved. Youngsters get bored easily, and very small kids can be particularly disturbed by changes in routine.

Therefore plan some entertaining activities to help them through those times they feel fidgety or bored, and Redbook suggests adding a handful of fun snacks to avoid adding hunger to the mix. Not only will it stave off munchies and boredom, but it also beats paying for fast food on the fly.

Entertainment at the Campsite

Nature offers a world of interesting engagement for kids, from bugs to leaves and from streams to trees. However, some camping games can fill in the gaps for kids who crave something extra. Scavenger hunts and campsite bingo are big daytime fun, and when the sun sets, flashlight tag is a blast! Best of all, you can put together all these ideas for free.

Camping is a great way to get away with your little ones. Not only can you make wonderful memories, but it’s also an inexpensive travel option for families watching their budgets. Just make sure you put these strategies to work, and you’ll have a great time without going broke.


-Article Contributed By Leslie Campos from

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