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We are a group of people passionate about the outdoors and helping people get outside as much as possible. Our motto here at UCC is CAMP MORE. That’s what we want to do and that’s what we aim to help you do. Our mission is to get everyone to love camping as much as we do. Or at the very least, we want you to be comfortable, safe, and happy on your next outdoor adventure.

Whether it’s your first time camping or your 100th, we’re here to make sure you have the gear you need to have a good trip. To do this, we offer a wide variety of camping and equipment options. If you’re a camping novice or just want to relax and be ultra comfortable on your trip, we suggest going for one of our luxury camping options. You can choose from a camping trailer that has been upgraded to get you camping in comfort and style. Or you can choose our glamping tents that get you off the hard ground and a little closer to nature. Either choice comes with all the essentials you need to have a great trip. That means, cooking and eating supplies, bedding, camp chairs, lighting, and more. Check out our Campsite Delivery page to learn more.


If you’re just looking for camping gear, we offer rental gear that can be picked up locally in Salt Lake City, Utah or you can have it shipped to you or close to your trip starting point. Because we specialize in camping in the West, we typically only ship gear to the Western United States. Please contact us if you want your gear shipped elsewhere. Learn more and view all of our rental gear by visiting our Rental Gear page.

Flying in from out of state? We will meet you at the airport once you have your rental car so you don’t waste any of your trip trying to get ready for it.

Be sure to check out our camping packages and backpacking gear packages which include the essentials (and some comfort items) to get you camping quickly with all the things you need. We’ve even partnered with Bushka’s Kitchen to offer you delicious and healthy ready-made meals to make camping as simple as possible. You can purchase them here.

All of our gear is put through a rigorous cleaning and rental prep process after each and every rental so you can be sure the gear you need is clean and ready to work for you. We don’t stock anything we wouldn’t camp with ourselves.

No matter what type of camper you are or even if the trip you’re planning is the first one, we are here to make it great! Keep checking back to our blog where we will chat about everything to do with getting everyone outside.

Some of our best memories were made while camping with friends and family. We hope we to help create those memories for you.


Tiffany and the Utah Camping Co Crew